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FEATURE: “Mabinogi/Sword Art Online” Collaboration Preview

August 20, 2014

Sword Art Online content invades Mabinogi with cosplay, quests, and events

The new season of Sword Art Online is well underway and Kirito is showing the players of Gun Gale Online just what you can do when you bring a sword to a gunfight. If you’ve seen our latest newsletter, checked its viewership, or just taken a look at our forums, you’ll see that Sword Art Online has been one of our most popular streams.

While we’re all waiting for Kirito to finally have a showdown with Death Gun, sometimes it’s hard not to miss when things were simpler and all the players of SAO were locked within the game, fighting for their lives. In the name of sweet reminiscence, the hit online game Mabinogi is hosting an SAO event, in which they are releasing a ton of cool content to allow you to experience SAO first hand.


For the uninitiated, Mabinogi is a huge free to play MMORPG with a heavy emphasis on social interaction and customization. Simplicity is heavily valued in both the visuals and controls, each providing a flexible foundation for a great deal of individualization. Narrative is another integral element of the game, with regular updates coming in the form of “seasons” which progress the story and provide new areas and quests for the players. These aspects of the game make it perfect to fit in a bunch of SAO features and gear.


A number of cool events have been implemented since the 13th and running until September 9th. New SAO areas and monsters have appeared in some dungeons, which can be explored and cleared for to get map pieces which can be exchanged for zone tickets that can then be used to purchase SAO items. Just like SAO, everyone must work together to gather enough map pieces to unlock further content and ultimately defeat Heathcliff.


Special vendors have appeared, which allow you to exchange zone tickets for SAO gear, including custom outfits and weapons which allow you cosplay Kirito, Asuna, Heathcliff, and Lizbeth, each including a custom title and character-appropriate animation. You should also be sure to log in on the 23rd for a free ALO Yui fairy pet to accompany your SAO look.


A number of game events have also been included to allow you to participate in the SAO world. Starting today (20th) you can join Kirito in battling monsters while collecting valuable crystallite shards. If you need a break from questing and dungeon delving, you can relax and pursue one of SAOs calmer pastimes. Starting August 27th, you can participate in the King of the Lake fishing contest and try to beat Kirito’s big catch.


While many features have already been released, the real events are kicking off starting today and the event only runs until the 9th, so be sure to jump in and join your fellow beaters in taking on Heathcliff and completing SAO!

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But dang I really want a Mabinogi X Persona crossover comic/fic/game/whatever.

I mean, dang. We already have Shakespeare “persona” from G13-15 (lol) which one person could use. Just give the others main storyline NPCs and bosses… Ok ok idea’s working away, let’s see, time to write out my thoughts.

It is modern day. A group of five people are killed in various ways, but instead of dying, they wake up in their world’s version of Another World (Tir Na Nog, etc) which has fallen in ruin to the Shadows (which look similar to fomors). They manage to survive by finding and reaching a Goddess Statue, which the shadows stay away from. An owl delivers a note to them, telling them that though their bodies in their world are destroyed, their souls have the potential to leave into the soul stream and go to a different world. However, they must first strengthen their bodies, their minds, and their souls, as only great power chosen by the gods can open the gate to the soul stream. The only way they can do this in Another World is through fighting the fomors with Persona, proving themselves to the gods by gaining power, and (hopefully) restore their Another World from ruin.

Protagonist personae:

  • Three warriors/G1 + Morrighan/Gods/Falias
  • Alchemists/G9 + Tailteann
  • Shakespeare characters + Avon
  • Elves + Giants + Shamans + Cor
  • Various NPCs (eg. Aodhan, Huw, Fleta, etc.) + Belvast

While the protagonists, blessed by the goddess Morrighan, fight against the fomors, there is another group of five people who were in Another World before the protagonists arrived. Originally, Morrighan chose them as her champions, but they were weak and struggled to grow strong, so she cast them aside for the new souls. Outraged, they resolved to grow strong without her blessing, but were too weak to fight against the fomors. Right as they’re about to be killed forever, their leader gains the blessing of Cichol, granting him power and the ability to improve himself and his teammates with astoundingly fast growth. Though they already felt bitter to gods due to Morrighan’s betrayal, as they are fighting against Morrighan and the protagonists, the antagonists and Cichol have a give-and-take relationship, which they find much more reassuring.

Antagonist personae:

  • Mainstream antagonists/bosses + Cichol
  • Corrupted Alchemists + Shadow monsters/bosses
  • Field Bosses + Dragons
  • Cessairs + Stages of Ruairi + Beach of Scathach monsters
  • Dungeon bosses + Grim Reaper

Naturally, the two groups go into war with each other. Then, plots happen (lol). At the end of the story, the people whose souls can go through the gate enter the soul stream. They travel into Erinn, where they become the first Milletians. The End. What do you think?

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